We arranged for RJ Aquatics to look after our Marine aquarium while we went on holiday for two weeks
We came home to a thriving clean aquarium
Absolutely astounding job 

Thank you Richard


my husband Tropical aquarium over run with algae
Got in touch with Richard
Came out serviced our aquarium & external filter
Re aquascaped
Has been servicing our aquarium for best part of a year
We are very happy with the work carried out
Wouldn't hesitate to recommended

Judy Chilton

We contracted Richard From RJ Aquatics to refurbish our pond
The work that was carried out was to a very effective
They installed a new liner revamped the crazy paving around the pond provided housing for our fishes while work was being undertaken
They worked hard and got the job done

M, Salisbury

Had Richard from RJ Aquatics booked in for aquarium upgrade
Whole aquarium was re aquascaped
And had a C02 system installed & also upgraded my lights to an Led system
With the new lights I can really see the coloration
of my fish and plants are loving it

Thank you


RJ Aquatics have been servicing our aquarium for a while now
And we found them very punctual polite
& the worked carried out 1st Class




I got in touch with Richard at RJ Aquatics about may tropical aquarium that I was having issues
I booked a consultation with him where he not only helped me assess the situation but he also provided
A long term solution with some cost effective advice

Thank you

Peter Marlborough


Contacted RJ Aquatics about converting a marine aquarium to tropical aquarium
They came out and sorted it all out completely cleaning out the old marine system
Then re aqua scaping a planted tropical aquarium
Very effective

E, Swindon

Had a Marine aquarium that needed regular cleaning due to work commitments 
Got in touch with RJ Aquatics
They provided a simple maintenance  schedule
Which took care of the aquarium
Also provided great advice on fragging and aqua scaping



My marine aquarium that I had recently purchased was making a lot of noise in the sump pipe work area so after having a look on line came across RJ Aquatics and gave them a call
Richard came out suggested a tweak here and there than fabricated some parts and helped to alleviate the problem

Thanks Richard


Large marine aquarium algae problems
RJ Aquatics came out did the leg work large water change re jigged my sump and ID a couple of things that I overlooked


Matthew Swindon

Commissioned Richard at RJ Aquatics
To relocate our beloved Marine aquarium All the way from old town Swindon to York
They collected in the morning then re installed at new address later on that day
Thank you guys for all your hard work

Emma York

Regarding the work you have done we are extremely pleased with the result and with the careful and efficient way that you carried it out you were extremely well organised and methodically kept at it despite the weather we were amazed by the amount of sludge that had built up in our pond and now enjoy a much clearer view of the fish whatever the weather We will be contacting you as and when and would have no hesitation recommending you too other pond owners
Thank you again for your help 

Mr Vick


I called Richard at RJ Aquatics to help reconstruct my large fish pond

He was extremely helpful and within two days with assistance the pond was up and running, replacing large liner and putting back my 300 plus gold fish after treating them and the water with chemicals

I am extremely pleased with the whole operation and a very sensible price for all the work that they both done.

Mary Foxham


We called Richard from RJ Aquatics to completely clear out our very murky and overgrown garden pond. As well as years of accumulated 'sludge' in the pond we had a plant that had completely overgrown and was taking up half of the pond 

We also had fish in the pond, along with plenty of wildlife so we were concerned that any work might disturb them

On two of the hottest days of the summer Richard emptied the pond of mud  plants and fish

He cleaned it out treated the water he put back in so that it was suitable for the pond life and then replaced everything

He changed the area of the garden into a place we could enjoy sitting out by again

This spring we were relieved to see the frogs, toads and newts had returned so we knew the pond was healthy as well as attractive

I would wholeheartedly recommend Richard to anyone wanting work done on their pond

He is very knowledgeable and incredibly hard working

Lucy Biddestone


I woke up one morning to find water leaking underneath my 320 litre coral reef tank.

I immediately contacted RJAquatics and Richard kindly came over straight away.

There was a crack in my sump which was seeping out water Richard added pieces of glass to the sump and siliconed the area where the leak was. He then rigged up a temporary sump and return in a few days to connect the original sump after the silicone had set

An excellent job. Slightly expensive but worth it 

Alan – Chippenham


RJ Aquatics Came and worked on mine and my wife’s pride and joy, a very large marine aquarium with a large number of marine fish which we have had for many years

He worked contentiously and carefully around my large aquatic system


Provided lighting improvements that would benefit the main aquarium & save on the total electricity output also helped with revamping the filtration on this 2000 gallon marine aquarium

Always left it looking pristine and clean after each time he has serviced it

Peter  Swindon

   I used RJ Aquatics to install a brand new marine aquarium and to also dismantle & remove my old aquarium and take away

They did this all within one working day safely removing all my live stock until they were ready to be re housed later on that day in the new aquarium. All I had to do was literally add fish a bit later on when aquarium reached appropriate temperature

Really pleased with the work that they carried out

LM. Birmingham




RJ Aquatics came and converted a tropical aquarium that I owned into an marine aquarium they provided LR (live Rock) and matured the aquarium all within one day and then added two clown fish which I really enjoy watching swim about in the aquarium. It has been running now for some time and happy to report that I have had no issues with the work that they have done

The system is working fine

Mr Smith Swindon



I have had Richard from RJ Aquatics come out a few times to help with issues regarding my marine aquarium

His advice and knowledge of marine systems has been of great help to me

Once I had a problem with bleached and dropping corals and he was able not only to save a few of them but also diagnose the problem that caused the issue and offer sound advice how to avoid future repeat issues

Plus after his visit my corals were all looking a whole lot happier than before


Wayne Swindon


 It was a pleasure to have Richard advice and then design and setup the tank. This was in the spring 2011 and many hours of fascinated pleasure later all is still well

Richard whole approach was one of complete care from start to finish however can’t really say finish because he is always at the end of the phone if needed to help. So his care and advice is on-going


M Russell. Wiltshire



Called RJ Aquatics to advise us on care program for our marine aquarium and to diagnose a few issues we were having The service we received was very helpful and informative

Would be happy to use in future

  Bratton Wiltshire.




We were thinking of setting up a marine aquarium and needed to know the options we had to choose from  RJ Aquatics were very helpful in recommending a setup that would work for us with the fishes and corals we wanted We were very satisfied

 Alex  & Matt , Swindon




We needed to relocate our aquarium in the middle of winter so we contacted RJ aquatics to do the job

They moved aquarium livestock with no issues and relocated and set up and aquascaped aquarium in our new home We suffered no casualties even though it was very very cold & icy the day of the move RJ Aquatics moved all safely so we could get on with our move not  having to worrying about our fishes Great job would use them again.

Smith, Swindon



RJ Aquatics have been servicing my acrylic aquarium for almost a year They helped me in getting the right environment for certain species of tropical fish and in growing sum lush plant growth on some bog wood with a LED upgrade helping to creating an ambient under water aquarium

J & S Southampton.


                                                   I have no qualms about recommending RJ Aquatics Our pond was in need of some work and RJ Aquatics has really turned it around Not only are we satisfied customers but there are a few happy gold fish as well We can now really start to appreciate the pond

Wendy Devizes


 RJ Aquatics provided a first class service with regards to choosing setting up installation and after care service of my marine aquarium 5 stars on product information and advice an 5 stars on all other aspects of service and after service I would recommend RJ Aquatics to anyone anyone thinking of purchasing an aquarium or adding to their existing setup
George Blackpool

 I have enjoyed the peaceful benefit of an aquarium in my home for many years but have never enjoyed having to undertake the maintenance that is essential for ensuring a clean tank with a healthy stock of fish After much research I know ask R J Aquatics to maintain my aquarium on a regular basis so that i can enjoy it without worry Richard is reliable and conscientious and i have no hesitation in recommending him to all aquarium lovers                                                                 

Mike  Salisbury 


It is never easy to repair some else’s work Much better to start from scratch

But richard from RJ Aquatics achieved it I now have a larger pond that wildlife use and I have the pleasure of sitting by running water for rest and relaxation. As hoped it is giving endless pleasure

Anne Wiltshire 



   I recently brought a few bits from RJ Aquatics on his advice. What he advised me was spot on and i will be using them again. Excellent service in quick time



The service and Nano Tank package I have received from Richard at RJ Aquatics was very good value for money
The product knowledge was excellent and the customer service was good The variety of products was large and Richard helped me greatly in making the right choices not just offering me the most expensive products

Scott Blackpool






 RJ Aquatics came out after i contacted them.The sound practical advice was greatly appreciated. The quality and care taken is second to none. If you are looking for a system, parts, equipment or just general advice I strongly recommend you give these a call in the first instance you wont be disappointed.

Tony Shrivenham 




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