Aquatic Features Care & Conception

 Welcome to RJ Aquatics we provide a variety of services & resources for your aquatic feature

     Flexible Aquatic maintenance for your Aquarium or Pond

 Regular or on demand services provided 

No contractual tie ins

Competitive rates

  Tropical & Marine Aquariums Cold Water Ponds are serviced and maintained by our Aquatic team, giving you the opportunity to sit back and relax and enjoy your Pond or Aquarium


Tailoring a service plan to your requirements could not be easier, aquarium systems marine or tropical weekly to monthly can be organized by us to help to maintain your water feature in pristine condition


Ponds upgrades and water movement solutions can be incorporated and maintained throughout spring to autumn 

Take a tour through our site to acquaint yourselves with the varied aquatic services we provide & feel free to get in touch to discuss how we can best help you to achieve long term success with your aquatic pursuits

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