About Us

RJ Aquatics has had many years in dealing with various Aquatic features

  • Maintaining commercial & residential aquariums 
  • Bespoke Aquariums designs
  • Live stock selection
  •  Pond construction & refurbishment
  • Coral propagation
  • Aquarium transportation  

Dedicated to improved captive care solutions for all aquatic life

well known Aquarium brands to the most innovative products for your aquatic feature

 Professional aquarium maintenance services

RJ Aquatics is a fully insured company 

 located in Swindon Wiltshire servicing the West country Cotswolds Hampshire 

Oxford-shire & along the M4 Motorway

Questions regarding servicing in your geographical area email richard@rjaquatics.co.uk


the founder of RJ Aquatics

"As there is not a never ending supply of fish in the sea it is the responsibility of all involved in the captive care of ornamental fish to become better acquainted with there needs to help improve the chances of increased longevity of any fishes or corals in our care"

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