Marine Aquariums

 Marine Aquariums can provide a chance to escape the stresses of the day and give the opportunity to take time gather your thoughts & relax

They fit perfectly into there surrounding be it a busy office restaurant environment & can be right at home in the lounge or chill out room colorful fish & corals providing the perfect area of peace tranquility

 There are many choices to make because the shear scope of marine animals that can be kept

 Some fish are not reef safe so they would be more suited to a (FOWLR) fish only with live rock system, whereas many other fish are reef safe 

So choosing your aquascape before you designing your system will be of great benefit and improve overall mortality of the aquarium inhabitants


Marine fish come in a variety of colors shapes and sizes that make owning a marine fish tank a very appealing & unique piece of living furniture

Various aquasacpes can be chosen as the perfect choice for your saltwater aquarium display from fish only systems featuring LR (living rock) to full-blown reef displays which feature combinations of both systems

Aquariums & filtration upgrades are some of what we do best here at RJ Aquatics for assistance with your aquatic feature or maintenance inquiries please go to our contact page for further help 

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